Thursday, November 13, 2008

Window Shopping

What else is a girl to do when on a nasty, nasty diet?

I received an email about a huge yarn sale (on some good STUFF) at Little Knits, and Knitting Daily advertised a discount on Nancy Bush books, and did you see that Estonian Lace Book? *Moan* And Sweet Sheep (love that name!) is still holding a sale, until the end of November. Don't forget all the goodies at Elann. Locally, Cinnamon Creek is now carrying a wide selection of yarn, even Briggs & Little and Patons Classic Wool. Don't you just love yarn that you need only walk to? (If you weren't on a yarn diet that is!) All this is enough to make a girl whimper and cry.
AliP, awesome friend extraordinaire and my personal conscience, has been talking me down off the slippery slope of stash acquisition beyond life expectancy (S.A.B.L.E.). And speaking of diets, why is it that the best food commercials come on around 8pm and on? The Keg and Red Lobster ones make me drool without fail. Thank heavens neither are within a short driving distance of home. My husband would have to make good on his promise to make wider doorways if I consistently over-indulged after seeing these cruel-mercials.
On a positive note, stash reduction is underway. With the exception of fibre for Mom's thrums (which I purchased from Ducky's etsy shop before declaring the diets), Christmas knitting has been using up stash in a nice way. I won't go so far as to say by leaps and bounds but every skein and ball count.
This pic is for you, Dorothy. Feel free to post pics of your hens anytime.

My apologies to all for not linking in this post. Links may be found in my sidebar, or in older posts. Go look there. It won't kill you.

P.S. Ooops, sorry for the snarky. It's this damned diet, I tell you!


lexa said...

Now that picture is too cute!

Dorothy said...

OH MY!! didn't see the kittens in there at first.
I do have to get some pictures of our chickens. The bantams are just tooo cute!
(but, I was hoping it'd be a picture of a PIF LOL)