Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Reasons for Celebration

My youngest celebrated her 11th birthday last Wednesday. Judging by her expression, the baking book was a good gift selection. Besides the book, I also gave her lots of art supplies: from paint brushes and watercolour pencils and sketching pencils to artist workbooks and oil pastels, and charcoal. Those were a big hit too. We celebrated with her favourite foods: chicken wings and baby back ribs. Yummmmy! And then there was the mocha birthday cake. I let her pick it out and she declared it the best birthday cake ever! WOW!
Holy cow. For a bit of time there, I thought I was falling behind. Again. Not so, it turns out. I'm talking about the Pay It Forward that I signed up for back on Nov 3, 2009. So I have exactly a week to make and mail some groovy crafts. And not necessarily knitted crafts either. Thank goodness for that. Better chances of getting them out on time! Yay! So, without further ado, let me show you what came in the mail for me, me, me. From a lovely lady over at Ewe Gotta Knit. Thanks so much Heddy!

So cute, don't you think? I like it!

Third reason for celebration:

Six pairs of (very) long men's socks: done! Yay! I am just thrilled to bits. As soon as they're dry they'll be going in the mail and far away from me. Definitely worth celebrating. It means I can officially start knitting other things without feeling guilty. It's positively thrilling, I tell you. I hear some Fleece Artist calling my name.


Pam said...

Oh my...that cake looks amazing!!!

Heddy said...

so glad to see it arrived all in one piece - the lady at the post office loked at me like I was nuts when she saw the stick in the package! Anyhow - glad you like it. I thought you were a kitty lover, so made yours as a cat :)

I had thought I was way, way past due for gettitng it out, but I guess I wasn't, according to my blog - just felt overdue!

Good luck with yours ... they are fun to do and make you feel so good when they are off to make someone's day brighter!

Take care!


Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

The cake tasted as good if not better than it looked, Pam! Honest!

Heddy, I love that your put a cat face on mine! It's perfect! And yes, the stick arrived in one piece which surprised the heck out of me, knowing Canada Post's capabilities!

Dorothy said...

I like your wall hanging; aren't they beautifully made?

WOW Holy sock knitting!!

Happy Belated birthday to your daughter - what a great picture.

Was able to knit long enough yesterday to turn the heel in Katie's sock. Hope to be able to do more today.

Have a great day!!!