Friday, February 02, 2007

Where's the Storm??

Last night I drove to Lapland to pick up more hay. Does it seem insane to anyone else but me that 45 km is kind of far to drive for good hay?? This stuff is green, dry, not moldy, good. Even a decent price. But man, oh, man 45 km is a long drive, and even longer when I can't go as fast on the way home. I managed to get 40 square bales on that pathetic excuse of a quarter-ton truck. A farmer with a short-box truck, and not even a 4 X 4. Good grief. But the half-ton (Bumps as it was affectionately called) is gone. It was falling apart so we sold it for parts. Better than rotting in our yard.

Hey, I got to sleep in today. That's a good thing. My back was killing me last night. And kids are being good this day of freedom from school. I still don't quite understand why school was cancelled. It's positively balmy out there. Snow and ice are melting. My water wasn't frozen in the barn for a change. The sheep didn't mind roaming outside. They did try to get into the molasses bucket the moment my back was turned. They're not as stupid as they appear. The exact time I turned to get Fudge to put her back in the pen, the sheep wandered in through the back door and were pushing through like a group of bouncers on a rowdy night clearing a path towards the "Prize". Brats, the three of them.

Did you visit Alison? Every time I try to post a message on her blog, I get booted. Maybe her blog knows just how technically challenged I am. Anyhoot. What I was going to tell her is this:
I will exercise, I will attempt to drink more water, I will try to post daily progress reports right here, I may even purchase a scale, all this as a show of my support. Because that's what friends do for each other. And even though I don't get a trip to Hawaii after all this torture, I will do my best to get on friendly terms with my manual tread mill. Because, dudes, she's my friend and this is the least I can do for her. Losing weight and getting in shape sucks. But at least I hope she won't feel so alone in her quest.

Today's progress report: 15 minutes fast walk on treadmill, some crunches (forgot to count), cool down and stretches. I am alive, though it didn't look good there for a while.

This here is my new and improved hair colour. Not so orange anymore (thank my lucky stars!). It was either a better colour or an intimate appointment with my scissors.

In knitting news, I finished one twinkletoe sock and started the second.

And finally, a stash flash for Alison. That rubbermaid box is still uncounted.


Mary Anne said...


Your hair colour is lovely and the style is very nice.

Your stash is so neat and tidy. It looks like a mini yarn store.

Ali P said...

And yet she refuses to open one!!! LOL

Dorothy said...

We drive 1.5 hours to get hay for our horses. We take the horse trailer, and between it and the truck can get 90 bales. All the way to Bridgewater for hay.

In Nov we had 4 round bales delivered. 1 1/4 bales left. Plus about 50 square bales.

I wouldn't be brave enough to post a picture of my stash. :)

Ali P said...

I used to drive from Newburne to New Ross, about half an hour there. But I could not fit no 40 bales in my little Ranger!!
Stacy Keddy has the most awesome hay and I will always believe this. Loved his hay and going to his place was always a nice visit and learning experience too.
I do miss the secure feeling of a full hayloft....