Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Cabled Duffle Coat Update

I'm making good progress. Here is the back, complete with tea stain about half way down on the left. I'm hopeful that it will wash out. That will teach me for putting a mug (mostly empty or otherwise) in my knitting bag.Here is the left front. I'm almost to the armpit decreases. Very exciting.
Finally we have the two sleeves. Notice anything? Shape is good. Length is good. The cable pattern is not so good. I am trying to decide how anal I want to be about the whole thing. Remember how I ripped out the first, almost complete sleeve? Do I really want to do that to two complete sleeves because I crossed the cables every 8th row instead of every 6th? I didn't think I would be up to ripping and re-knitting that much work while the sleeves sat hidden in the bag, but now that I've hauled them out into the light of day... There is a big difference now that I have spread the pieces side by side. My hubby already accuses me of having OCD. The only question is whether or not I will prove him correct. Eeek.


Ali P said...

You know that I am all about the improvised design features but this stands out a bit. I think YOU would be happier if you ripped.

Holly said...

If they are both the same, you can probably live with it.

But maybe not.

If they are not the same, frog. While you are at it, you could knit them in the round to the arm hole, eliminating one of your finishing seams...