Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pretty Thing

The Yarn Harlot finally got off her arse and listed Pretty Thing for sale. I already purchased it! I can't wait to get knitting. It is indeed very pretty. I never tried a sewn bind off so that should be interesting learning experience. Mine, all mine!

Speaking of lovely patterns, have you checked out the new stuff over at Drops? As well as the Pretty Thing, this slipper pattern is in my sights.

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Anonymous said...

Ooohhh ... I'm jealous!
I too was waiting for the Yarn Harlot to produce a pattern for Pretty Thing. And I was totally blown away when she put it up for sale. I was expecting it to be free - like her other patterns.
And I can't justify paying for a cowl pattern when I have several others that I haven't knit up yet.