Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful that it's a beautiful sunny day, that last night's storm passed overnight (it was a doozy!), that I have more yarn and fabric than I will be able to use in this lifetime, that I have an awesome husband and kids, that we're all healthy and together, that we have a lovely and comfortable home in a nice town, that I have friends that love me just the way I am (heh!)...

I did some yard work including moving my lilac tree (the poor thing was leaning so badly it was practically laying on the ground), some laundry, some dishes, started knitting Colin's fingerless mitts,ripped back the cable on one of the sleeves of the duffle coat, taught the kids how to make hot chocolate from scratch, spied on robins in the front yard,and baked a pumpkin for pumpkin pie. After all, what would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? Brianna grew the pumpkin so technically I'm just a helper in the pie preparation department. She was thrilled to finally harvest it! Since I'm being all technical, you may as well know that we celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday because that is when Hubby got the day off work due to pouring rain. It's all good. We got to spend the day together.
Checking for dirt.
Look at that concentration!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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lexa said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I got ripped off this year. Went to my Ma's yesterday and MIL's Saturday, and neither one had a pumpkin pie. :(