Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Crap Abounds

It was actually just drizzling when I took this picture around 8:30 this morning. Now it's pouring for all it's worth and has been most of the day. Yeah, not so good, except maybe for the water table. I hear it will be a dry summer.

The old part of the barn has a freaking leak in the roof. It's been fixed. Many times. We, as in hubby and me, are at our wits' ends trying to figure out how the H.E. double hockey sticks the rain is getting under there. At least I don't have hay in that part of the barn anymore. Yeah, that's not so good either.

Let's see. Oh, yes. We're quickly running out of fire wood. Although It's not been exactly freezing outside, the damp and cold and wind just suck the heat out of the house and our bodies and leave us scrambling for more blankets. Bad. Definitely.

Icing on the cake? The washing machine, the one I spent almost $500 on to get it a new motor and a doo-hickey not so long ago? Won't spin. It flat out refuses. I am not in love with it anymore. Parts for a front loader cost a freaking king's ransom. No, I can't afford to replace the @*$^$^!! thing, no matter how much I would love to turf it to the curb right this very moment. Cooler head (make that a "cold head") must prevail. Doing laundry in the tub. Wow. MY FAVOURITE. Yeah, that hits that very bad marker dead on.

So things are far from great. My hands are still cold, even though I have my Olympic sweater on and a cat just crawled up onto my lap. Any minute now I will convince myself that the only way to make any of this any better is to jump in bed and hide my head (and hands) under the duvet.

Couple positive things to report. First, sleeves of the Lopi are coming along. One done and the other not quite half done. Second, I started a pair of very nice socks for my youngest man-child. Very nice. Colour makes me wish they were for me. Third, I started another pair of woolies for hubby. You know, to get on with the stash reduction.

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