Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

Easter Morning in my part of the world.

Cats are no dummies. Forget braving the chilly outdoors today!
Blue cuffed ones will be Mat's as part of his birthday present and the others are for hubby since I threw out one pair of his socks on Thursday and it only seems fair to make replacements.
I am still putting off counting all my abandoned knitting projects. However, as far as stash does, it has been going. Two sweaters as of January, the striped blanket is coming along well, I have knit hats as needed, and at least a couple pairs of socks, ones on the needles not included. I hope to have both these pairs done by tonight. I hope.

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Ali P said...

Mmmmmm Cats after my own heart. Loverly sockses darlin'!!!!!!!