Friday, April 06, 2007


I have an Easter lamb, Easter lamb, Easter lamb....
Hey, if I believed in miracles, this lamb would certainly count as a big one.

The story? You knew there had to be one! About 3 years ago or so, my neighbour (a couple houses down) was selling off her flock. She was getting older, it was getting to be too much work for her, blah blah blah... I, on the other hand, wanted to buy sheep because they were sooo cute, but also because I thought to myself: "hey, wouldn't it be cool to raise sheep, sheer them for their fleeces, eat 'em if need be, learn to spin; I am a knitter so it's only natural to to go from the beginning to the finished socks, right self?Plus I could raise them organic because I'm a big believer in that."

What, You don't have conversations with Your self?

Back to the story... So I kept visiting her place, checking out all the ewes and lambs, asking tons of questions. I wanted a fairly decent fleece, a friendly animal for which I wouldn't regret handing money over, and naturally a healthy one. It bears mentioning that these sheep were not pure breeds; more like heinz 57. I aimed for the ones that had more wool qualities than meat. I ended up with 4: three ewes and a lamb. Remember Darcy and Dawn's romance couple summers ago? When nothing happened? Because Darcy was supposed to have been a wether? Yup, I'm finally getting to the point. Darcy was that lamb, cute as anything, looked to the naked eye like his maleness had been dealt with.... Yeah right! It took a year but lo and behold, there were his ram parts, ready to go. But like I said, nothing happened. And his lovely Dawn is now sheep-a-roni. Yum.

So imagine my freaking surprise yesterday morning when I went to do my barn chores and there is this rat blocking my way (actually that's a another story, no, not for right now!). I was half-way through cleaning out the cow stall when this black thing caught my eye. I though it was Fang, the SPCA cat, finally getting brave enough to venture into the sheep pen. Not. A lamb was prancing unsteadily on it's legs. Holy sheepiness. I ran back to the house, yelling at my husband for the second time in less than 10 minutes to hurry up and get to the barn (first time was the rat). When he FINALLY got there I was bouncing and smiling and laughing like some escapee from a lunatic farm. So so very happy.

Oh yes, Darcy has at long last risen from a wether to his rightful status of Ram.


Mary Anne said...

oh what a beauty and a delightful Easter surprise. Yay!

Ali P said...

Since this lamb was almost immaculate conception are ya gonna name him Jesus? Plus...he "rose" on easter weekend...hee heehehheeeee