Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Lookie What I Got

It's my prize for March Sweater Madness! Isn't it wonderful??

Michelle is the best (she organised the whole thing). You should really visit her store. She has pretty things!

Jinxa is pretty fab too for donating these books as prizes. Did I tell ya? She won 1st place, and got to add a bunch of scrumptious yarn to her stash.

Ok. So today is another day. Slightly less full of crap than yesterday. At least isn't not pouring rain. I did say slightly. Not to get your hopes up and all.

Washer is still broken. Hubby dug around the innards and discovered another fried motor. NOT GOOD. I made a command decision (because I AM master and commander of laundry!) that I will only wash one load per day by hand. Because anything more is totally insane, and frankly, I am just a wee bit tired of the insane label. Thanks anyway. Come pay day, we're going cruising for a used machine.

Lets see. I did barn chores. I chatted with Alison for a bit. I slept. Had fresh bread for lunch. Then I napped. With cats, whose heat I thieved mercilessly. Then I dove into the mindful knitting, you know, because I thought it would be easy. Was I ever wrong. The only thing I became more mindful of was the noise around me. I couldn't tune it out. Even the wind was loud and snarly. But I knit anyway and tried to focus on each stitch. Fell more in lust with that sock yarn colour. Thought about how nice a light sweater or a top would look in that colour.

Pretty Pretty

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Mo said...

ooh that yarn does look loverly! I hope your snow has melted and it is looking spring-like where you are :)
-Mo Barger, Rooster Hill Farm