Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Grief, My Hands Are Cold!

The good part is that they are attached to my body or they would be in danger of dropping off. Kind of like leaves on a plant you forget to water.

Let's talk about the weather for a short moment. This morning? Freezing rain and wind. My laundry is frozen on the line, because laziness tends to bite one on the ass. Yesterday? It was freaking glorious!

After the morning coffee and official wake up, most of our family spent the day outside. The young man-child wasted the morning on PS2, but after lunch he and father went fishing in the boat. The woman-child and I puttered around the farm. Naturally it was a perfect day for barn cleaning and hubby even fired up the tractor and moved one of the manure piles and leveled out the ground in front of the barn.

The animals kept bawling, wanting to be let out, but only the chickens enjoyed some freedom. I'm putting an end to that for the time being seeing how they were laying eggs in the hay instead of the coop, and no doubt hiding them in places I won't discover until fall. Ah, but I do love to let them free-range and deal with the bugs early on.

I worked on the flower beds, adding soil and peat moss, doing a bit of planting, but for the most part cleaning up. My mid-afternoon both woman-child and I had enough and went for a walk to visit a neighbour. On the way back, we picked up empties. No respect, some people. No, won't bitch about it now.

Gotta go warm up hands. Too cold to type.

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