Saturday, April 07, 2007

Fleece Artist on SALE!

My dear friend Alison is in Nova Scotia this weekend on a whirlwind visit to family and friends. We met for a super quick get-together at Frenchie's. Marla the great was there, too, naturally. We were happily chatting away and rooting through the bins, no doubt in a manner similar to wild boars searching out truffles. And out of the blue, Alison says "after we're done here, you gotta see what I got at the yarn barn!" Picture pure happiness and smiles galore. My yarn radar was bleeping like mad. "Oh, yeah," Alison continues, "they have Fleece Artist seconds on SALE! You should see all the stuff I got!"

Oh MY! I felt light headed. Delirious. Fleece Artist on Sale??? It's not my birthday, I didn't win the lottery, old Ed hasn't been hanging around my lawn with anorexic models and a huge cheque in this hands! Definitely too late for April fools. Well, I tell you, she did show me her treasures, and while I hope I didn't drool on the sock yarn too much, my many thanks go to her Hubby, who at the exactly right time asked if I needed to go to Mahone Bay at all since he heard about my stash and didn't figure I needed anything more.


Thanks again, Alison's very nice hubby. Thanks for being such an enabler, Alison! Don't you realize that little slip was much like being on strict diet and someone brings Tobblerone and chips and cookies and candy into the house and starts eating in front of you?? Poor me.

Thanks for saving me from my addiction, and from a potential fall from grace, Alison's hubby. I am forever grateful. Merci!

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Ali P said...

I'm SORRY!!!!!!!!!! But i did stop you from buying clothes you'd have to store right?? I helped you refrain from clutter!
My Frenchy's haul is in the dryer right now. Score!!!!