Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Gold!

Yeah, Canada rocks! Another gold, plus a shutout (8-0) in men's Hockey after an unimpressive start. But I ask you: curling an Olympic sport? I don't buy it. Whatever happened to "Faster Higher Stronger"? Curling faster, higher, stronger? Not so much. But it did provide me with perfect knitting time, during which I may have glanced at the TV less than a dozen times. Watching the hockey and knitting on the other hand? Not an ideal situation. Too much action.

Here is how far I got before I decided it would be wise to set the knitting aside...you know, before the knitting didn't resemble the pattern any longer. (Ignore the date stamp...hubby changed batteries in the camera and obviously didn't set the right date. I'd adjust it and take another picture, but it's late and I'm calling it quits for the night.)

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Alexa in Central Nova Scotia said...

This sweater is going to be gorgeous. In fact, it already is :)