Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Another Round of Training

Olympic swatching took place today after another round of stash diving. Turns out that a lot of my sock yarn stash logs in at a gauge of 28 sts over 10cm on 3mm needles. Who knew? It's not like I've ever checked gauge before knitting socks. Seriously.

Anyhoo, after a desperate call to my dear friend and advisor, the AliP, I saw the light at the end of my tunnel. She provided advice. I listened. I swatched (a real swatch with actual pattern!). I had success. She was 100% right.

Pandora approves and agrees.


Ali P said...

Oooh...its going to be stunning!

Pam said...

I bet Pandora was supervising your work. ;)

Dorothy said...

That is one ambitious Olympic knitting project!! Hope you take lots of pictures of your progess.
(yes, I'll try to be better at posting pictures!)

Anonymous said...

hee hee! What a sweet kitty. Your sock projects are looking lovely.