Monday, February 08, 2010

Training for the Olympics

Knitting Olympics that is. I'm even revealing my intended pattern.

I have a bona fide swatch in random colourwork. I got gauge. No, not with the Lana Grossa Lambswool. (God help me, but I actually looked on eBay for possible back up were I to run out of yarn. Then I realized how ridiculous I was being considering that the Olympics begin in 4 days and there was no possible way to get yarn here in time were I to actually order some, and then there was that whole breaching the yarn diet deal, but I am rambling...Ignore me.) I went stash diving, which in itself should be an Olympic event. My opinion. Anyway, I resurfaced with Yarn Treehouse 100% wool, Melody and Classic Wool. Both at gauge of 28 sts on 3US. I swatched on 3mm straights and got the 28 sts. A minor miracle.

Now, my concern is this: how the heck can I expect myself to complete a sweater at the gauge on those itty bitty needles in just a couple weeks? Have I lost my mind? I told myself I wanted a challenge worthy of the Olympics. This resembles Mission Impossible! What am I getting myself into? Is this self-doubt or pure panic? And the fact that I'm considering using beads instead of the third or fourth colour... Complete lunacy? Or ridiculous optimism?

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lexa said...

That's tiny needles for an adult sweater! I doubt I could do it in that time, but I have faith that you can! :)