Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Night Knit Club

How the weeks fly. Our knit group meets every other Friday and so we all gathered at the Middleton library on this frigid night. How tempting it was to stay home but the kids and I bundled up and walked over. I love living in town and the convenience of having every necessity within walking distance (as I may have mentioned once or twice before...forgive me).

We had two new ladies join us tonight, Karen and Valerie, and Paula made an appearance after a prolonged absence. Then there were the regulars: Kathy, Debra, Brianna and I. Colin was there against his will, persuaded with a bribe of extra computer time. Whatever works. Hubby is in the city tonight with his best friend and I wasn't going to leave him at home alone.

Once again 8:30pm and closing time arrived before we knew it. Paula finally conquered a mitten thumb. Yeah! Valerie and I put away our respective socks, Kathy gave up on the black toque, and Karen tucked away a lovely lace KnitSpot scarf she was working on.

Another most pleasant and productive evening in delightful company.


lexa said...

I love Knit Nites. Too bad we didn't live closer.

Holly said...

what was the bribe for the kids?