Friday, April 13, 2007

Happy Friday the 13th!

See that? Yup, only on Friday the 13th would I get such crappy weather after the lull of a beautiful spring day yesterday. I mean to tell you I totally ignored hubby when he said it would turn nasty overnight. DID NOT BELIEVE HIM FOR A MOMENT!! At least not until midnight when I heard the freezing rain drumming against the windows.

In other news, here are a couple new pairs of socks finished this week, kindly modelled by Annie cat.

This looks suspiciously like an addition to my stash. Don't judge quite yet. See, once everyone went to bed last night, I was still up waiting for the bread to finish baking and didn't want to waste prime quiet time, so I decided to unravel the back and front of a lace sweater I started couple years ago. I knew it would never fit me in it's current state and I am not willing to indulge so much ever again that I will fit into it. I can proudly say that this beautiful Fleece Artist wool will go a lot further now! Maybe a nice vest this time... For now, it's one less UFO hanging around the house!
It's getting difficult typing with this critter on my arm. Sugar and I wish you a nice weekend.


Ali P said...

Oh that Sugar!!! Love the update. I bet that red looks gorgeous on ya with those big brown eyes.
We had a good day here exceptin' for a leak in the washer area yet to be determined..after the plywood under the crap tiles dries out. Something on the washer is leaking...but what? (last two words spoken softly and if anyone gave a flying f#$%) heehee

Shelby said...

I LOVE your blog - found it through a google search.. dropped in to say hi - happy Sunday :)