Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Going to See the Harlot

The day is here. I am going to Halifax. I will try not to buy yarn. No guarantees on that one. I will probably buy books. Knitting books and magazines that I really don't "need". But must have. Alison will be meeting me and at the rate I'm going this morning there is a good chance I may be late. Must get ready. I am going to have so much fun today I hope I don't burst. LMOL


Ali P said...

Basia!! I so loved our day together. I am so lucky to have you. We met La Harlot! we met La Harlot! lalalalaaa la
Love ya baby.

Dorothy said...

OK, so you saw her. Now, I NEED details!!
Tell us all about it. I'm living the Harlot experience through you and one other blog I read ... and you are both keeping the details to yourselves!