Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Although I'm not certain my kids are even familiar with the word "bliss", I am quite positive that they would have applied it to describe today given the chance. They had a snow day. Can you believe it? Perhaps the roads were slippery this morning in the far reaches of our school district, I won't question that, but good golly, it was a beautiful day, with temperatures above freezing and all that fresh glorious snow blanketing the outdoors. By the time I was drinking my first coffee the roads were clear in front of our place, which is saying something considering we live in a major snow belt! So I personally believe the school officials needed a day off and calling a snow day was the quickest way of achieving it.

I went to work today. Officially I was supposed to be unemployed as of last Friday because of this impending move and my having given notice already. Fortunately for me, Bill and Hays haven't found a replacement yet and so welcomed me back. That, unfortunately, may change quite quickly. Tonight a young woman stopped by to enquire about the job. She even has sewing experience. Good for Bill and Hays, not so good for me. All I can hope for is that our house sells fast. Whatever happens I probably have a job until the end of the week, at the very least. That's fine by me.

Guess what!? Victoria magazine is back! It's my all time favourite. Found a copy at Walmart of all places. I'm a magazine junkie so I always take a fast glance to see if any new ones are on the shelves. I am so happy. I love Victoria magazine. It's so lush and beautiful and opulent. Sigh.


AliP said...

OOOOOOHH snorgalicious kitteh belleh...ooooh nibblable pink paw
The sadness..I has it..

Desperate Housewife said...

Your house fiasco is the SUCKIEST thing I have ever heard of.
But I always figure things happen for a reason, so maybe it'll prevent something worse from happening.

Get yourself a chocolate bar to go along with the Victoria mag (I love it too... I still have a couple of issues from 1999.) Chocolate and magazines always perk me up.

Good luck!!