Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The @&*$^!! Rug

Hi Everybody.

Thanks for the kind words, Mary Anne. Unfortunately, you will have the opportunity to comment on more home news in the coming days...

You know how when everything is going so smoothly, all the ducks are lining up in a row, you're thinking all those positive thoughts and you just feel like all those good thoughts you are thinking are making everything work out for the better? That power of positive thinking thing? You know what I'm talking about? And you know that all is well, and you think to yourself: "self, let's not look a gift horse in the mouth. All is well. Don't look back, don't complain that the weatherman got the forecast wrong again, the sun will come out tomorrow.... blah, blah, blah...", and you try with all your being not to question your good karma? And keep your eyes forward, don't look down?
Because you know, you KNOW, that had you looked down, you would have seen the @()$&#(% rug, and had the chance to brace yourself before it was whipped right out from under your fugging feet.

Yeah. Beware the bleeping rug. Because I tell ya, the fall hurts.

Now I want you all to know that although things have gone horribly wrong and my happy bubble has busted in a most spectacular and dramatic way, I have not lost my sanity. I gave in to a very short burst of self-pity but overall, I think I'm handling things much better than expected. (Seeing how I was trained to use high-powered weapons and all, and I am NOT roaming the streets tonight on a search and destroy mission. Yes, all things considered, I am well. Thanks for asking.)

What the h*ll am I going on about? Looks like the !*$#^#@ house sale is going to fall through. Our buyers did "something" and this sale is about to go bust, therefore the purchase of our dream home is about to go belly up, and flush that sucker down the toilet. With less than two weeks until closing. With half the @*^% house in boxes (I've been a busy little beaver, packing. Damn my efficiency!)...

Oh, woe is me.... There is that self-pity again. Okay, I'm done. Thanks for listening and stay tuned, tomorrow, same time, same station...

1 comment:

Ali P said...

F$cking rugs and the A$%es that pull them.
I love you and am proud of your control.