Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh Happy Happy....

OMG, I *heart* my real estate agents, my banker, and my mortgage specialist. Who would have thunk it??
The specialist was awesome: got us our mortgage at a good rate, told us stories, gave us some high quality information, and let us pick out a free gift! We were in her office for an hour and a half, mostly just gabbing; the business end only took about 10 minutes. She's fabulous. I will provide her information another day, when my bed isn't calling to me so loudly.
The banker: she wheeled and dealed with the bosses in Toronto and secured bridge financing, thus allowing us to take possesion of our new house five days early. That information was a high stress reducer. Big time!
The real estate agents: put up with all our calls and calls from the bank, resent documents again and again, all with grace and good humour.

So. I only have three workdays left. I've been acquiring as many boxes as possible in many different places. Saves money on having to buy them.
I've been finding super awesome savings and discounts at Zellers on bedding. No holey sheets for us in the new house.
The guest room in the new house will have a queen-sized bed. Yeah, baby. And a new mattress, eventually.
Burnage of old junky furniture begins tomorrow.

Good night.

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