Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Let There Be Clean

As of this morning our house is back on the market.

By early afternoon my real estate agent was calling to schedule a showing. For today. In an hour! OMG! I offered to show the house first thing tomorrow. Nope, no good. Out-of-towner. How about between 3 and 4 this afternoon? OMG! Couple hours? Sure. We'd do the best we could. Don't panic... Don't panic....

I tried not to. Panic that is. We made the house spotless. Good thing I am not working. The partially packed/unpacked boxes have disappeared from sight. You would not have been able to tell that the house looked like a tornado had struck only two hours prior. I'm trying to convince myself that the fact that the potential buyer was here over an hour is a good sign, that she's serious. I'm not going to hold my breath or cross my fingers.... But I am hopeful. On the other hand, you won't believe the other fly in the ointment...

After the agent and her client left, hubby called to report that all went well to our agent. Turns our that he had a call from the previous buyers, the ones that cancelled the offer and left us high and dry. Yeah, them. He says that apparently they secured other financing but are now dealing with CMHC and have to jump through their hoops. HUH?? That deal was dead, or so their lawyer informed us. Now they're going to try to still hold us to the original offer, so we can't accept any others?? WTF?? What have these people been smoking?? Is this ever going to end?

I just want my dream house.

To unwind, I knit. Colin's second pair of wicked long socks are complete.


Stickchicky said...

What a nightmare! Can they really hold the old deal over your head like that once they've declared it a dead offer? I don't know much about real estate, but that sounds pretty underhanded to me. I hope it all works out in the end. I'll need to figure out where you'll be living so I can send you your "pay it forward pressie" It's not done yet, but come a month or so away it will be. Good luck with everything!

Ali P said...

Ugh..well look at it this way...lots of interest is better than no interest at all.
In defence of the other people, if they are still interested then they obviously didn't have the intention of screwing you over. They are possibly very nice and just had some crap happen and are still trying. Yes, its a pain in the ass what they have put you through but maintain that positive thinking and stop seeing the worst (real or manufactured by stress laden imaginations). I am sure they never intended to cause you trouble and THEY were nice enough to give you the heads up when their realtor was going to hold back.
Breathe deep and welcome the positive into your world. Breathe out and purge all the negative speculations and suspicions. Continue until you feel at peace or you pass out, whichever comes first.