Monday, January 21, 2008

Do Not Disturb

Kittens sleeping. Aren't they precious?

(Let me know if you get tired of the kitten photos.)
Not much to chit-chat about tonight, even though it was a full day. Hubby and I drove to the Valley to meet with the lawyer handling our purchase out there, which is completely stalled right now, thanks for asking. As per the norm, the drive over South Mountain was atrocious. The road was snow covered and driving was treacherous. Hubby drove. I knit so I wouldn't keep grabbing the "OMG Handle" or keep telling him to slow down or be careful and or other such helpful suggestions (because passengers always have a better sense of road conditions than the driver, don't you know!). I got half a sock knit for Colin, (complete with turning the heel, identical to the ones in yesterday's post,) just during the drive to Greenwood and back. (I finished the first sock tonight and cast on for its' mate. )
On the return trip, we kept right on going past home, and into Bridgewater to meet with our lawyer there, to figure out how best to stick it to the jerks that now appear to have never had the intention to carry through with the purchase of our house. A$$holes.
Once we got home, I was pleasantly surprised by a letter from a pen pal in UK (thanks Alison!).
And because our house will be officially on the market again as of tomorrow, I went into cleaning mode. Unpacking comes next.
I am grateful for my new positive attitude. Through all the negative events bombarding my life recently, I can still enjoy the beauty of winter.


Geggie said...

oh, I love the kittens so much.

Ali P said...

Never too much kittens. No such thing.