Monday, January 07, 2008


It's been a full day.

  • I drank coffee.

  • I checked email and played games on Its Your Turn. (Free or you can buy a membership for more games.)

  • I drank another coffee.

  • I skimmed through some blogs. There are some seriously funny people out there. I love reading them first thing in the morning.

  • I packed some glass wares.

  • Hubby came home and we made lists pertaining to the move while we drank tea. (I may have started to float about that time.)

  • I yakked with Alison on the phone, waking her up once again. What's up with that?? Does all this woman ever do is sleep and knit??

  • Got bank appointment confirmed by my super duper real estate agent. Why is it that she managed to talk to a real person and we only got voice mail!? Huh.

  • Received confirmation that Rosie, the SPCA cat I've been fostering, was getting adopted. (Fabulous timing!)

  • Took Rosie to the vet for a final check up before adoption. Holy cow. She weighed in at 11.2lbs! Should have called her Chubbs!

  • Went to bank appointment with mortgage specialist. Turns out the woman is a fountain of knowledge and extremely helpful and personable.

  • Dropped by the library.

  • Dropped into Carousel, a used book store on King St. Bought a knitting book, a cross-stitching book, and a book that promises much hilarity titled "sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures". How's that for a title?!

  • Supper with the off-springs and much discussion about move and dangers of living in centre of town as opposed to the middle of nowhere. Start warning speeches about strangers and limits.

  • Finished knitting my Fleece Artist wool mittens. I am dubbing them Knights of the House Hunt. Aren't they beautiful? I started knitting the first one on day one of our housing hunting venture with our new agent . (Actually, the first day of house hunting was such a resounding bust with the first agent that it shouldn't even count!) The second mitten was mostly done by the second house hunting outing this past Saturday. The thumbs I completed tonight. I may have to knit some gorgeous mittens for our fabulous agent for making it such a painless endeavour. Here's another picture. I couldn't help myself.

  • See that catalogue under the mittens? Thanks Roggey, Miss Enabler. There was some talk of fountain pens on Pen Pals Group on Ravelry, and she directed people to her favourite source. OMG! I didn't even know they made pens to the tune of $21,000.00!! I mean, there are more affordable ones in there too, but woweee. Order a catalogue. It's free. Then drool. (I have a new want list.)
  • Oh, yes. Almost forgot (or rather blocked) the fact that I spent over an hour sewing in ends on the Lopi sweater. No, I'm not done. Not even close!

I've also joined the Stashalong again. I haven't posted my goals yet. However, I did start my yarn inventory. This will take some time, but cut me some slack. I'm also boxing the stash up for the move. And also writing down the titles of all my knitting, and other craft-related books. There are lots. Maybe there should be a book diet in my future too. (I hope hubby doesn't read this post! He may hold me to it!!)


Dorothy said...

I like those mittens!
And have ordered a catalog to be sent to a friend of mine; she loves fountain pens.

Stickchicky said...

Those mittens are beautiful..I think I need to make a pair . I hope your move goes as smoothly as the second house hunt. Happy New Year

Ali P said...

Well Miss Smarty-Pantses, I do SO do more than knit and sleep. I drink coffee, and talk to you and...umm..
Anyways, with the way my knitting is going its making me need more sleep. I swear, mittens HATE me. On my 3rd go for the blue and reds for Ben.
I cannot wait to come inspect my guest romm...heh heh heh.