Saturday, January 26, 2008


In more ways than one.

  1. The woman from BC with the latest offer on the house. Pulled out. Finished. Did not close the deal. F$ck! Cr*p! D#mn! (#$&%&^@! Back to the drawing board.
  2. Autumn Socks. Finished. For Colin. Thank f$ck. Nice colours, but what a pain in the ass to work with. The yarn, a 4-ply, kept splitting. At first I thought it was me, paying too much attention to each different coloured ply, being so charmed by how the variegation created a cohesive whole. Bull. It was not me. The damn yarn had a mind of it's own. Still made a nice looking pair of socks. 60 sts on 2.25mm needles fits my boy/child.

  3. Green corduroy pants for Colin. Finished. Copied a pair of sweatpants I made for him last fall and added an extra half inch or so to the length. They fit him perfectly, with a wide elastic for comfort and because he's too lazy to be bothered with button and zipper. He tried them on to check for fit and didn't take them off all day. Same with the socks. Photo is evidence.

  4. One glove that I started last year. Finished finally. To tell the truth, these have been procrastinated upon because I forgot when needle size I used. I had only the thumb to knit, with stitches on a holder and not a single needle in the bag with the rest of the yarn (Noro Kureyon, col. 32). I finished the cuff for the second glove tonight, but check out the difference in the colour. All from the same skein. I'm considering ripping the cuff and starting another skein to match the colour to the first glove. What say you? You must have an opinion or two out there....


Stickchicky said...

Lovely socks and gloves! I adore NORO. I just can't help myself ..I love to see how the colours develop. As for Henry, a very easy knit.pattern is really easy to remember, but you do have to keep yourself on track if it needs to be put down often. Just make sure you are on the right row when you pick it back up cause there are a gazillion stitches to rip back if you make a mistake. The end result is so worth it though.

Ali P said...

I say no pipping back, go with what the yarn wants to do.